Monday, August 23, 2010

Amanda & Mike

The lovely Chicago wedding of Amanda & Mike... Enjoy!

I adore this combo of gold and diamonds on Amanda's ring. Hint hint for anyone looking to buy me a ring in the future... :)

Do you guys remember the book Pat the Bunny!? Well, here is a wedding version.

I have a funny story about her dress... can you see the Vera Wang tag? Well, the dress was ABSOLUTELY breath taking, but ended up being a bit too long in one place. So what did we have to do... take scissors and cut it. So I CUT A VERA WANG DRESS. I guess you had to be there. My hands were shaking to say the least... I mean, who takes scissors to Vera!? I did :) I have a piece of the lace to prove it. We referred to the dress as "Vera" the rest of the night.

My friend Annie snagged a photo of me cutting Vera....

Back to getting ready...

Amanda and her mama look just alike... here she is looking at her beautiful daughter :)

Future Chicago brides... look into getting married at the Planetarium... it was beautiful.

The night ended with some fireworks...

Good bye Chicago :(

Stay tuned for my other Chicago sessions coming this week! Happy Monday everyone!


Five Grain Events said...

Amanda, you are STUNNING! Morgan, these are fabulous--you captured them so well :) (Amanda and I are friends from WAY back). What a long way we've come from stretch pants and games of Capture the Flag. ;)

maureen cassidy said...

AH, All of them are just so awesome!!! Morgan! I wish I was there! I have moved to Madison which is 2.5 hours from Chicago. I have done some 2nd shooting there.
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with, or even go out for tea!
Your work continues to amaze me!