Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Devin & Scott

Meet Devin & Scott...

and their unique, crafty, artsy, fun, and adorable "Love By the Lakeshore" inspired wedding.

Devin and I went to IU together. Fellow AXO :) Did I mention how much I LOVE to photograph my friends!?

They wanted a "jump shot"...

A huge smile appeared on my face as soon as I spotted this teal wall... and on Devin's too :)

Then it was off to the ceremony... Where the boys arrived by boat :)

The ring bearer took his job very seriously :)

Now the reception... or "Partay!":)

These frames held the seating assignments... how creative!

I know I should have broken down that post into sections... but I wanted you guys to get a feel for the whole day. Hope you loved it!