Thursday, October 8, 2009

Emily, Oliver, and Oscar

Emily asked if their dog was allowed at the shoot....

Ummmmmm HELLO. Yes, Please!!!!!!!!!! :)

So my clients must think I am crazy... just a little.
We met and Coxhall Gardens. A beautiful location.

I thought the muddy, bug infested, over grown with weeds field was a much better photo spot... all I could say was trust me!

I think they turned out :)

Aren't these 2 adorable!?

AND Emily... one of those bugs DID follow me home. As soon as I pulled into my garage.... I felt something moving on my head. I flung the car into park, jumped out, screamed and frantically tried to brush it off my body. I must have looked like a crazy person. :) Still gives me the creeps!!! BUT we got the shot :)

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