Thursday, October 15, 2009

25 years in the making

Since turning the big 2-5, I decided to make a blog post leading up to now :)

My beautiful preggo mama :)

October 12, 1984

Proud big sister

Future IU Grad... yes I kinda look like a boy here.

First birthday party. Complete with Care Bears cake and My Little Pony favors :)

Allie and I were attached at the hip

My first doggie :)

My dad... one of my favorite pics

I got a good laugh out of these next 2... mom, what were you thinking!?


My first dance recital

I may have my next flower girl do this pose... just for kicks ;)

This is how I spent most my childhood. On my dad's shoulders :) and in Disney World

I think this is the year my teacher told my mom I was too much of a social butterfly... :)

once again mom, what were you thinking?

andy :)

thank God for braces :)

Just call me Blossom :)

Now we transition into the awkward teen years
Can you find me?!

My sister's photo project in high school

Jakob :)

no comment on my candy necklace... or heart stickers on my face.

First day with braces off!

One of my first cameras... yep, it is a Nikon.

This is Hillary. She is getting married next fall!!! Bff from High School. and Yes. That is another heart sticker on my face. Guilty as charged...

and here is us now

Just realized... this pic is ALL HER BRIDESMAIDS!! :)

one of my senior pics!! I wonder what was so funny?!

that is enough for now... hope this made you laugh a bit :)


Steven Ryne Photography said...

Awww... Morgan these are great!!! :D Thanks for sharing your childhood with us ;)

Steven Ryne Photography said...

Awww... Morgan, these are great! Thanks for sharing your childhood with us :)

amanda fales shaw said...

oh my gosh... i about DIED when i saw the paper bag bee costume. so hilarious :)

happy 25!

DAWN DAVIS said...

That was the sweetest post ever!!! Happy Birthday Morgan... xoxoxo ~ Dawn

Lauren said...

aww morgan you are so cute! You look just like your mama! :)

Jennifer L said...

MORGAN!!! I love every one of those, i just want to bounce you around you cutie little kid! Ha and the one of all of us at the game! Miss you!

jscott.indy said...

i especially love the carpet backdrop. nice touch.

Maya Laurent said...

Look at how adorable you are!! Loving the old pics! Hope you had a great birthday!

Matt Mayer said...

The bumblebee costume is awesome!!!

Wendi Chitwood said...

AWWWW... N= Morgan you are so cute:) The one in front of the Christmas tree looks just like a tiny version of you today:)

Lisa said...

Love it....I loved my little pony!:) Don't worry, my pics are even worse.

Clary said...

You've been adorable from day one!! Happy Birthday Morgan!!