Friday, June 19, 2009

need a home

These puppies need a home. My friend Janie found 2 stray puppies.... TAKE A LOOK. They are sweet, lovable, cuddly, and you can tell they once had a home. They love people and are potty trained.

If anyone would like to adopt one or both of these puppies.... let me know. They will eventually have to make their way to the humane society....

I would TOTALLY adopt them as my own if I had the space.
Photos by Janie.... she gave them temporary names too :)
Meet Pancho
and Lefty


jscott.indy said...

i wish! i've wanted another dog (been a few years without one) for quite some time, but am just not home often enough. =[ hope they find a good home.

nicole green said...

oooh my gosh i want both of them!! :( i so wish i could handle 4 dogs. if we had a bigger place, i'd take them in a heartbeat. :(

Anonymous said...

omg! why do people have them when they don't even want to keep them :o(
i hope they find a new permanent home soon!
good luck!

Kelli Schmith said...

Morgan, what's the update on the pups? Have you found a home yet? I'll help you get the word out if they're still with you!

JR & Becky said...

have you found a home for these guys yet> let me know asap!!!! my parents may take one :-)

Morgan Matters said...

Thanks for your interest everyone!! They were taken to the Indianapolis Humane Society on Michigan Road. The puppies are receiving all shots, vaccines, and being spayed & neutered.... so they will be all cleaned up and ready for adoption any day now! If you are interested, they will be on the link below.
Under the names Pancho and Jane(Janie).
Thanks for being so awesome everyone!