Friday, June 26, 2009

dog update

The puppies were taken to the humane society last week. They are now in perfect condition for adoption! All vaccines have been updated along with being spayed & neutered. Now all they need is a loving home.

Visit this website. Look for "Poncho"

"Jane" or "Janie" should be up on the site soon!

The available dogs section brings tears to my eyes. I wish I could have them all. One day I will have a farm where EVERY stranded dog can live...

One day.

Here is the link again


Tracy said...

Morgan, thanks so much for the info about the puppies. (I had emailed you earlier this week.) We adopted Janie last night. She is a great puppy and is enjoying her new home. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I hope your dream comes true. It's really sad how many dogs get abandoned... :o(

Janie said...

Morgan, thank you so much for helping find these puppies a home! Got an update this morning, that Poncho is being adopted today, so they both have homes now!!

Morgan Matters said...

Thank you Tracy!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!