Thursday, May 29, 2008

Look what I got!!

Here is an example of the wrapped canvas I am offering. Look how pretty!! I used my macro lens to get some close shots of the wrapped edges... aren't they sweet!? This is a present for my mama :)

Also... I thought this was cool. Do you take risks?

I stole this from DJ - enjoy :)


Bob & Dawn Davis said...

This is so beautiful. Your MOM is going to LOVE this!!!! I want one of my family. I need to have a nice family photo first! I love these canvas prints!!!! Great idea!!! Miss you and Allie!!!!!!!

Kiera said...

Love the canvas prints...but more I love that your WHOLE family wears scarves too :o) Soooo good to run into the other day, your work continues to amaze me. Btw, I totally "tagged" you on my blog...