Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nominate Me

Here is a huge favor I am asking....

Blu Domain is searching for the new photographer of the year. So if any of you feel like I should be chosen as their photographer of the year please please please email the people at blu and nominate me. Maybe tell them a little something on why I should be nominated :)

Since I now have 2 websites with Blu - I figure I have reason to be featured as their photographer of the year :)

This would be a huge honor and great promotion for my business. This title is for a new up and coming photographer who has not had their time to shine yet..... SO PICK ME TO SHINE!

Thanks!!! email the guys at blu

pictures coming soon!


Bob & Dawn Davis said...

How about a link to Blu Domain or an email address?? I'd love to nominate you!

Bob & Dawn Davis said...

Oppps... I see the link now! Sorry. I'll email them now!