Monday, April 19, 2010

mexico... the good and the bad

I will start with the good... :)

Michelle and Homer invited me to Mexico to document their wedding. They originally had a photographer booked at their resort. I was hired just for engagement photos. When Homer and Michelle saw the final pics from their session... they decided that I must come instead. SCORE! :)

The bad... Mexico had the most abnormal weather... EVER. Like MONSOON raining season. But it's not rainy season there!? Anyway, a little rain wasn't about ruin our time.

Finally, the clouds parted so we could get shots like this...

AHHHHHH Mexico. Just as you should be :)

More on M & H later... enjoy your honeymoon guys!!!! Miss you guys already!!

1 comment:

JR and Becky said...

is this in a magazine or is this something you took? ;-) LOVE it