Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heather's Flowers

I recently did a shoot for Heather's Flowers out of Frankfort.

Heather has such a fun, energetic, and creative style.... we hit it off right away:) We did some photos for her new website. Stay tuned for another shoot this winter :)

meet Heather

making an awesome arrangement on location...

a cute head piece

for a flower girl...

boutonniere... and a lady bug if you look closely :)

how cute is she!?

that lady bug stuck with me :) so I had her model.
I title this "Walk of the lady bug." Original I know!! ;)


Lauren said... I love her style and completely awesome creations. :D

Tamara Ciric said...

Beautiful. Such a happy images. You captured some gorgeous smiles. I love all the details as well. Great work!