Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a little baby ruth

I think everyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with the tv show FRIENDS. There is one episode where Rachel and Ross are deciding what to name their new baby. Ross loves the name Ruth but Rachel seems to think it is a name for an 80 year old. At the end of the episode they find out they are having a girl and Rachel ends up loving the name Ruth. They immediately veto the name after Rachel says, "we are going to have ourselves a litte BABY RUTH." I guess they don't like the candy bar :)

But I love the name Ruthie - afterall, it is my grandmothers name!

Here is Ruthie...

My little buddy and I :)


BethLaurren said...

are you kidding me? I have been REALLY far behind in reading blogs - but the last few kids you've done here are to DIE FOR ADORABLE

|| davidjay || said...

LOVE the pics in the slideshow!

Looking forward to meeting up at WPPI.