Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Working again... here is a long overdue slideshow!


J@KE said...

Totally amazing!!! Love it! Love it! You are a great photographer. Those kids are sooooooooo cute!

Do you do mostly just kids or do you do weddings too?

How long are you interning with Sarah?

Great stuff!


J@KE said...

I guess the wedding question was kinda pre meditated given the fact that you've posted some of the weddings you've done. Sorry.

I guess what I ment was do you consider yourself a wedding photographer? Or more of a portrait photographer?

Either way you do great work :-)


Morgan Matters said...

Jake - Thanks for all the compliments! I would say I am a portrait photographer mainly. But not for too long :) After working with Sarah I hope to be doing weddings as much as I do portaits.